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Exterior Detail

Begins with a power wash of all exterior surfaces. Followed by a Sud wash and removal of paint contaminants using a clay bar. We apply wax to protect and restore the paints shine. Thorough cleaning of the wheels, tires and application of tire shine. Lastly, we perform a two-step cleaning process to the exterior windows. 

Interior Detail

Vacuum of all interior surfaces, thorough cleaning of plastic, vinyl and upholstery. Condition and cleaning of leather surfaces. Removal of dirt from door jambs, cupholder and other compartments followed by a two-step cleaning of the interior windows.

Full Detail

Our Best Deal, And the best treatment for your car!

Add Ons to your Service: 

  • Engine Bay Detail: 50$

  • Paint Correction: Quotes Beginning at $125

  • Leather Sealant and Conditioner: $25

  • Plastic and Vinyl Protection: $25 

  • Leather and Plastic Protection: $40 

  • Headlight Restoration: $50

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